Innovative European Business Models Program
Design Thinking and more...

Innovative European Business Models 
Université de Paris


University of Paris

1-9 March 2019

+B Chair - Value for all



from 1st to 9th of March 2019


Paris, France


On this site or at partner Universities.


Today's Best Practices of European's 
Business Models

You have the opportunity to get a unique experience participating in a unique and prestigious International series of professional seminars for about 10 days, at Paris, France.

University of Paris | +B Chair 

You will be at the heart of Europe in contact with professionals from different nationalities sharing 

In English

Lectures are taught in English.

Adapted to professional life

Local courses are usually on 1-2 Saturdays a month / on extended holiday weekends.

9 days in France

You will 9 days in France with special seminar training lectures with international professionals, professors and company visits.

World is changing fast so are some business...


How traditional corporations are creating new Business Models and how new players are expanding through innovative practices.

Digital innovation and technology are transforming our world. As the economic and technological factors are at the center of the changes the clash between existing business models and new ones have led to companies in Europe to focus on online platforms,  ecosystems development and sustainability practices to gain competitive advantages. These factors have lead to product and service innovation and incredible initiatives that will be shared by professionals and professors during the seminars.


University of Paris Lumières

The University of Paris, known also as Sorbonne, was found in 1150 and following the May 1968 events, the university was split into 13 Public Universities of Paris. Following the post-1968 the University of Paris started to reorganise themselves. Today, the UPL regroups the CNRS (most important and largest research institution in the World), the Universities Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, the Université Paris Lumières, along with the other thirteen notorious Parisian Colleges and Institutions (École nationale supérieure, the Institut national de l'audiovisuel (Ina), the Maison des Cultures du Monde, the Museum of Quai Branly, ect.) The University has a vast collaborative network around the World.

Prestigious University

You are invite to visit some of the many sites of the University of Paris and unique international experience.

Practical Focus

The meeting focuses on real managerial issues with practical outcomes and knowledge. 

A dynamic International Group

You will sense a cooperative atmosphere among the professionals, professors and participants. This helps to builds up motivation in exploring one's topic of interest from the beginning to the end.

Professors and Professionals

The seminars are given by a mix of professors and professionals. This allows to see the important interlink between theory and practice.


The +B Academy Experience.

About Positive Business - University of Paris' Research Chair

Nowadays there are some incredible new ways to create a business that are sustainable and successful.These new types of management and innovative business models are labeled as "Positive Business". They are able to inspire others as create a value chain that benefits everybody. They bring benefits to the company and their professionals, and value to consumers and society. The +B Chair, at the University of Paris, helps this flourishing process to occur by conducting scientific research, training seminars and lively events around the world to share valuable resources and information to anyone who is interested in living in a more sustainable planet for all.

International partners:


Welcome to Paris

Where can I stay?

Most international students coming for a short stay in at the University find accommodation through websites like AirBnb (, which offers several options usually located in or around the city center.
Other option is share a Appart-Hotel room (Résidance, in French) nearby the University. 

City of Paris


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Who will I learn from?

+ Business Chair - University of Paris 

Faculty members are from highly experienced professional horizons and engaged in rigorous academic research on a wide range of business-related subjects. The invited professionals also have a vast international experience in professional field.

They will share their experiences as well their latest knowledge. You are encouraged to ask questions so the lectures can be highly interactive. You will also be recommended prior and further readings to consolidate your learning. The program will require you to participate in collaborative learning environment.

  • Advanced Seminars
    with international Professors
  • Best Practices with 
  • Company Visits
  • Conclusion | Certificate


In order to join this International Master Program you will need to provide the following documents:

Your CV in English, French or Spanish.


Copy of your passport.

 Valid passport ID.

Copy of your Diploma

Copy of your Bacherlor's Degree.

English proficiency


Photo ID

3cm x 4cm with white background / passport format.
(Need to provide once approved at the interview). 

Proof of Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance valid for the European Community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I stay at Paris

Most international students coming for a short stay at the University find accommodation through websites like AirBnb (, which offers several options usually located in or around the city center. Some, however, opt to rent privately, or find a hotel more suitable to live in.  

How much would be the acomodation costs be in Paris? 

It depends on how close or far you are from the City Center. You can expect in a shared Résidance room or AirBNB to pay around € 250-€300. 

Do you have any type of scholarships?

No. Programs in English are not subsided by the French state.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Yes. Seminars are taught in English.

Is there a cafeteria at the University?

Yes. At the University there is a Cafeteria where you can take your lunch. Light meals and snacks are available.